Friday, March 27, 2009

Flashback Friday/Happy BIrthday

1 year ago today, Max joined our family! He has brought us lots of laughter, love and joy. Happy birthday Max! We love you.

(Never mind how horrible I look in this pic...I just had a baby?? Right??)


Jo Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Max!!! So cute and I think you look beautiful!!! At least you didn't look like an elephant with a swollen face. :) Post more pictures of your family!!!!

Lynne said...

Such a sweet boy!
Love, Grandma

Lateshia said...

oh my gosh!! I can't believe he is ONE already! WOW!!!

Kimmy said...

Cammi it was so great seeing you tonight! Max is a doll! What a smile. You have a beautiful family.

Avinuity said...

Update!! Update!! Update!!
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