Friday, June 22, 2007

Greatest Invention EVER

At 9:55 PM tonight, I had a sleepy 4 year old and a sleeping 6 month old in the car. Wouldn't you know - I remember that I need a gallon of milk. Unfortunately, my husband was gone on a scout camp-out for the night but I knew the milk couldn't wait. I could already hear the screams coming from Lila when I tell her we are out of milk and she can't have a glass with breakfast. The thought of getting the girls out of the car in their sleepy state made my stomach hurt - the thought of wandering through Wal-Mart made my stomach hurt worse. It will take at least 30 minutes to get the milk and through the check-out line. I happen to be in Orem leaving my mom's house and I remembered a new store that opened on 1600 north - a drive-through market! It was like the clouds parted and a rainbow shined directly on my car. I hurried over there (just a 2 minute drive) hoping I would get there before they closed at 10 PM. A cheerful teenager greeted me at the door of the drive-in and handed me a menu - a wonderful menu with things such as milk, bread, eggs, salad, lunch meat, frozen pizzas and 1/2 gallons of ice cream listed. Looking at the menu made me remember a couple of items I was missing at home. I quickly rattled my list off to the girl because I was afraid she would be mad I pulled up right at closing time. She scurried into the store and came back 30 seconds later with all of my items, which she promptly put into my trunk. I handed her my debit card and we were done in under 3 minutes! I made it home before 10:15 with both of my girls still asleep - hooray!!

I am so incredibly happy with my experience that I wrote a haiku:

Seasons, oh great store
You have saved my sanity
Please build one near-by


Sally said...

Yea! What a godsend. I wish we had one of those. The haiku was touching. :) What a creative sort you are!

Paige said...

There was a drive-through dairy in our town when I was growing up. I have often wished for one around here. I know it must have saved my mom's sanity numerous times since by the time I could remember something like this I must have been the oldest of 4 young children.

Lynne said...

You should send this article in to the store, Cammi. Maybe you and your sleepy girls could be in a commercial and become famous! And how pleasant to run in to a cheerful teenager, too!

Susie said...

cammi rocks
great haiku

Marc said...

You are the haiku queen!
My Queen, my wife, my love!

Terra Powell said...

I bet that store was started by a mommy just like you, wishing for someone to save them from screaming little ones. Go Seasons!